Previous Events

Global Britain and multilateral relations with the Stans

25th February 2019

Conservative Foreign & Commonwealth Council and Conservative Friends of Eurasia present: "The Seven Stans - Global Britain and multilateral relations with the Stans".

Jubilee Room, Off Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament


Eurasia Christmas Reception

27th November 2018

The Eurasia Christmas Reception aims to highlight cultural ties and civic engagement of British Eurasians in the UK.

The objective is to bring together people of all backgrounds, religious beliefs and professions to unite for the purpose of celebrating Christmas together as One Nation.

CF Eurasia Christmas Reception

13th December 2016

Please join us to celebrate Christmas, one of the highlights of our social calendar, on Monday 11th December.

Tour of Houses of Parliament

5th June 2015

We were invited by Lord Popat on a tour of Houses of Parliament. We took 50 of our most active campaigners on 5th June.