Becoming a member of CF Eurasia enables you to support the building of closer ties between people who trace their origins to different ex Soviet Republics and the Conservative Party. We can do this by drawing on and celebrating our shared values- including those of enterprise, hard work, education and family - whilst also recognising the outstanding contribution of our people in the UK.

You will be part of CF Eurasia’s official network - invited to participate in key campaigns and events, guided on how to take more of an active role in civic life and have an opportunity to meet a wide range of people who share our vision.

CF Eurasia Membership - £25 annually

  • An annual Members-only reception high-profile guest speakers, giving you a chance to meet fellow members.
  • An invite to CF Eurasia Policy Forums on policy issues which are important to British Eurasians
  • Members’ training day for those wanting to play a more active role in politics.
  • E-briefings with the latest information from the Parliament and Campaign Headquarters