Botagoz Hopkinson - President

Bota Hopkinson is a Chairwoman and Co-Founder of the Conservative Friends of Eurasia. She is a prominent member of the Conservative Party and a proud British of Kazakhstani origin. Bota was a Conservative candidate for the Westminster City Council in a local election 2018. She was also selected as a Conservative for the GLA ( Great London Authority) in 2019.  

She has over 24 years bilateral, public, government and private sector experiences: the World Bank, the UK Department for International Development, Research Fellow at the University of London, Analyst at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and Advisor of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Central Asia in the House of Lords.

Bota is a Senior Advisor on Eurasia region in the House of Lords, a Vice Chairwoman of the Westminster Conservative Women Group and the Vice Chairwoman of the Vincent Ward of the Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Association. She is an advisor to the Wonder Foundation Charity ( for many years .  Bota holds a Master’s degree in International Health Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics and Political Science and diploma of the CCF Impact and Institute of Leadership and Management in Geneva. She has a number of international publications. Bota's research article in the International Journal of Health Planning and Management ( have been marked top 100 UN publications in 2004. Bota has contributed to the  " EBRD Transitional Report in 2007 (Transition Report 2007: People in transition - EBRD › downloads › research › transitionby R Ishii  Bota Hopkinson etc from the EBRD) 

Bota and Maxat Yessen  are Co-Founders of the Conservative Friends of Eurasia. They have raised 10k for Women2Win in 2019.  ( 

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